Scientific Research

Academic Achievement

    [1] Wenyan Zhang, Dejie Li, and Jian Wang, “Cu-induced poly-Si/SiO2/α-Si multilayer film with high reflectivity across the whole visible band”, Phys. Status Solidi RRL 3, No. 2–3, 82–84 (2009)

    [2] Zhu, Dan; Li, Dejie; Wang, Jian, “Electron emission from Pd-carbon compound film on carbon nanoislands”. Applied Physics Letters, v 93, n 12, 2008, P123118

    [3] Zhu Dan, Li Dejie, and Wang Jian, “Electron emission from carbon film on island-like tin oxide layer”, Chemical Physics Letters, v 447, n 4-6, p 320-323, 2007

    [4] Wang Zengmei, Wang Jian, Li Dejie, “Field emission from nano-patterned amorphous carbon”, Applied Surface Science, v 253, n 23, Sep 30, 2007, p 9073-9076 (SCI IF: 1.263)

    [5] Jian Wang, Bing Xiong, Peng-Fei Cai, Jian-Bo Tian, Chang-Zheng Sun and Yi Luo, “Novel Planar Electrode Structure for High-Speed (>40 GHz) Electroabsorption Modulators”, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 2006,Vol. 45, No. 45, pp. L1209–L1211

    [6] Wang Jian, Tian Jian-Bai, Xiong Bing, Sun Chang-Zheng, Hao Zhi-Biao and Luo Yi, “Deep InP Gratings for Opto-Electronic Devices Etched by Cl2/CH4/Ar Inductively Coupled Plasma”, Chinese Phys. Lett., 2006, 23 (8): 2158-2160

    [7] Jian Wang, Jian-Bai Tian, Peng-Fei Cai, Bing Xiong, Chang-Zheng Sun, Yi Luo, “1.55 ?m AlGaInAs-InP Laterally Coupled Distributed Feedback Laser”, IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett., 2005, 17(7):1372-1374

    [8] Jian Wang, Bing Xiong, Chang-zheng Sun, Zhi-biao Hao, and Yi Luo. “Low Threshold InGaAsP Laser with Etched Facets by Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching”. SPIE V4905: 240-242

Research Status

    1. National Natural Science Foundation of China, “Research on selective absorption and emission of high-temperature solar coating”, Jan.2008-Dec.2010, Principle Investigator.

          The objective of the project is to develop high-temperature solar selective absorption surface and selective thermal emitter, which will be applied for high-temperature solar thermal electricity application.

    2. "863" High Technology Research and Development Program of China, “Technology of solar evacuated tube for trough solar thermal plants”, Dec. 2007- Nov. 2010, Principle Investigator.

          The objective of the project is to develop high-temperature solar evacuated tube, which will be applied for trough solar thermal plants.

    3. Open Program of State Key Lab of Integrated Optoelectronics of China, “Research of thin film polysilicon for solar cells”, Jan. 2010-Dec. 2012, Principle Investigator.

          The objective of the project is to develop low-cost fabrication technology of thin film polysilicon, which will be applied for thin film solar cells.

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