Research Status

Funded Research:

1. “TD-LTE-Advanced 试验设备开发”,国家科技重大专项, 2011-2013

2. “Transmitarray Antennas”, NSF, 2011-2014

3. “Reconfigurable Antennas and Reflectarrays for NASA Space Science Missions”, NASA, 2009-2012.

4. “Reconfigurable Antenna Designs for Planetary Rovers”, NASA MS EPSCoR, 2007-2010

5. “Design and Measurement of an X/Ka Bands Reflectarray for NASA Space Large-Aperture Applications”, NASA MS Space Grant, 2008-2009.

6. “Simultaneous Field Radiation Technology”, DTI Inc., 2008.

7. “Single Layer Multi-Band Planar Reflectarray Antennas for NASA Space Large Aperture Applications”, NASA MS Space Grant, 2006-2007.

8. “Cascading FDTD Analysis of Multiple Periodic Composites”, ZNAC Inc., 2006-2007.

9. “Performance Analysis of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags”, Cytec Corporation, Navy Automatic Identification Technology Engineering Support Center, 2006-2007.

10. “Reliability Enhancement of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System Using Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) Structures”, University of Mississippi Research Office, 2006.

11. “Analysis of Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) Structures Using Spectral Domain FDTD Method”, University of Mississippi Research Office, 2005-2006.

12. “Tri-Band Internal Antenna Designs for Notebook Platform (802.11a and b)”, Actuone Inc., 2003.

13. “UHF Low Profile Wideband Antenna Designs on Electromagnetic Band-Gap (EBG) Surfaces”, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, 2002.

14. “UHF Low Gain Antenna Miniaturization Concepts for the JPL/NASA Mars In-Situ Communication Program”, JPL/NASA, 2001-2002.

15. “Characterizations and Applications of the Photonic Band Gap (PBG) Materials”, MURI, 1999-2001.

16. “Compact Microstrip Antennas for Automobile and Vessel GPS Receivers”, Tsinghua University, 1997-1999

17. “Wideband Microstrip Antennas for Personal Communication Systems”, Chinese 863 Project, 1996-1999


Ph.D. completed

2004/8 – 2007/7 Wei-Chung Hank Weng Taguchi' S Method for Optimizing Electromagnetic Applications

2006/1 – 2010/8 Ang Yu Microstrip Reflectarray Antennas:  Modeling, Design, and Measurement

2007/1 – 2010/12 Khaled ElMahgoub Analysis of Periodic Structures Using Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method

M.S. completed

2004/8 – 2007/12 Tejaswi Makineni Dual Band Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna Array

2007/1 – 2009/12 Lijun Zhang Reconfigurable Antennas with Beam-Scanning Radiation Patterns

2007/8 – 2010/5 Bhavani Devireddy Gain and Bandwidth Study of Reflectarray Antennas

Current students

2008/8 -  Payam Nayeri Ph.D. student

2009/8 -  Ahmed Khinder Ph.D. student

2009/8 -  Yilin Mao Ph.D. student

2009/8 -  Qian Qiao Ph.D. student

2010/9 -  Zhenyu Jiang M.S. student

2011/1 - Ahmed Hassen Ph.D. student


Doctoral degree

Fan Yang
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