Academic Achievement

Selected publications:

1. L. Li#, L. Zhu#, C. Ma#, L. Lin#, J. Yao, L. Wang, K. Maslov, R. Zhang, W. Chen, J. Shi, and L. V. Wang*, Single-impulse panoramic photoacoustic computed tomography of small-animal whole-body dynamics at high spatiotemporal resolution, Nature Biomedical Engineering 1, 71 (2017)
2. Y. Liu, C. Ma, Y. Shen, J. Shi, and L. V. Wang*, Focusing light inside dynamic scattering media with millisecond digital optical phase conjugation, Optica 4, 280-288 (2017)
3. J. Liang#, C. Ma#, L. Zhu#, L. Gao and L. V. Wang*, Single-shot real-time video recording of a photonic Mach cone induced by a scattered light pulse, Science Advances 3, e1601814 (2017)
4. C. Ma#, F. Zhou#, Y. Liu and L. V. Wang*, Single-exposure optical focusing inside scattering media using binarized time-reversed adapted perturbation, Optica 2, 869-876 (2015).
5. C. Ma, X. Xu and L. V. Wang*, Analog time-reversed ultrasonically encoded light focusing inside scattering media with a 33,000× optical power gain, Scientific Reports 5, 8896 (2015).
6. Y. Liu#, P. Lai#, C. Ma, X. Xu, A. A. Grabar and L. V. Wang*, Optical focusing deep inside dynamic scattering media with time-reversed ultrasonically encoded (TRUE) light, Nature Communications 6, 5904 (2015).
7. C. Ma, X. Xiao, Y. Liu, and L. V. Wang*, Time-reversed adapted-perturbation (TRAP) optical focusing onto dynamic objects inside scattering media, Nature Photonics 8, 931-936 (2014).
8. C. Ma* and A. Wang, Signal processing of white-light interferometric low-finesse fiber-optic Fabry-Perot sensors, Applied Optics 52, 127-138 (2013).
9. C. Ma*, B. Dong, E. Lally and A. Wang, Optimization of single-/multi-/single-mode intrinsic Fabry-Perot fiber sensors, Journal of Lightwave Technology 30, 2281-2288 (2012).
10.C. Ma*, B. Dong, J. Gong and A. Wang, Decoding the spectra of low-finesse extrinsic optical fiber fabry-perot interferometers, Optics Express 19, 23727-23742 (2011).
11.C. Ma*, E. Lally and A. Wang, Toward eliminating signal demodulation jumps in optical fiber intrinsic Fabry–Perot interferometric sensors, Journal of Lightwave Technology 29, 1913-1919 (2011).

Note:# Co-first author;* Corresponding author.


Doctoral degree

Cheng Ma
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