Scientific Research

Academic Achievement

    More than 40 papers up to now, Representative Publications:

    [1]. Luo Yi, Bai Yiming, Han Yanjun Han, Li Hongtao Li, et. al, “Light extraction efficiency enhancement of GaN-based blue LEDs based on ITO/ InxO ohmic contacts with microstructure formed by annealing in oxygen,” OPTICS EXPRESS 24, A797-A809 (2016).
    [2]. Mao Xianglong, Li Hongtao*, Han Yanjun, Luo Yi, “Polar-grids based source-target mapping construction method for designing freeform illumination system for a lighting target with arbitrary shape,” OPTICS EXPRESS 23, 4313-4328(2015).
    [3]. Mao Xianglong, Li Hongtao*, Han Yanjun, Luo Yi, “Two-step design method for highly compact three-dimensional freeform optical system for LED surface light source,” OPTICS EXPRESS 22, A1491-A1506(2014).
    [4]. Mao Xianglong, Li Hongtao*, Han Yanjun, Luo Yi, “A two-step design method for high compact rotationally symmetric optical system for LED surface light source,” OPTICS EXPRESS 22, A233-A247(2014).
    [5]. Xu Bin, Li Hongtao*, Mao Xianglong, Han Yanjun, Luo Yi, “A Design Method of Freeform Optical Surface Using the Mapping Obtained from Supporting Ellipsoids Algorithm[C],” Asia Communications and Photonics Conference. Optical Society of America ATh1J.2(2014).
    [6]. Li Hongtao*, Mao Xianglong, Han Yanjun, Luo Yi, “Wavelength Dependence of Colorimetric Properties of Lighting Sources Based on Multi-Color LEDs,” OPTICS EXPRESS 21, 3775-3783(2013).
    [7]. Li Hongtao*, Chen Shichao, Han Yanjun, Luo Yi, “A Fast Feedback Method to Design Easy-Molding Freeform Optical System with Uniform Illuminance and High Light Control Efficiency,” OPTICS EXPRESS 21, 1258-1269(2013).
    [8]. Wang Kun, Han Yanjun, Li Hongtao, Luo Yi, “Overlapping-based optical freeform surface construction for extended lighting source,” OPTICS EXPRESS 21, 19750-19761(2013).
    [9]. Situ Wenchang, Han Yanjun, Li Hongtao and Luo Yi, “Combined feedback method for designing a free-form optical system with complicated illumination patterns for an extended LED source," OPTICS EXPRESS 19 (105), A1022-A1030 (2011).
    [10]. Luo Yi, Feng Zexin, Han Yanjun and Li Hongtao, “Design of compact and smooth free-form optical system with uniform illuminance for LED source,” OPTICS EXPRESS 18(9), 9055-9063 (2010).
    [11]. Li Hongtao, Luo Yi,  et al., “Determination of the twist angle of GaN film by high resolution X-ray diffraction,” Applied physics express 1(4), 045004 (2008).
    [12]. Li Hongtao, Luo Yi, et al., “Thickness measurement of GaN films by X-ray diffraction,” ACTA PHYSICA SINICA 57(11), 7119-7125 (2008).

Research Status

    Semiconductor lighting based on GaN white LEDs, has formed a strategic emerging industry with Annual output value of hundreds of billions RMB. According to the characteristics of LED lighting sources, our group took the lead in carrying out research on 3D free-form surface illumination optical system design based on non-imaging optics. We originally developed a series of technologies for controlling and transmitting the light rays emitting from LEDs to the illuminated area with high efficiency and uniformity by the use of 3-D free-form optical surface, and broke through the bottleneck of the practical application of semiconductor lighting. The related research results have been achieved industrial production, and the products have been widely used in many lighting projects in 27 provinces of China, and have been exported to the United States, Japan and other countries. The practical application of our products shows the superior lighting performance and energy saving effect. The related research was awarded the First Class Prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award in 2010, and Second Class Prize of National Award for Technological Invention of China in 2014.

    My current research interests include semiconductor lighting and display technology, novel optoelectronic devices and systems for optical information processing, imaging, detection, and 3D display, flexible optoelectronic devices, optoelectronic devices for biomedical applications.

    As Principal Investigator, I have managed project of Chinese National Natural Science Foundation, project of International Cooperation and Exchanges of Chinese National Natural Science Foundation, sub project of National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, sub project of National Key Technology Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, project Funded by Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology (TNList), project of Opened Fund of the State Key Laboratory on Integrated Optoelectronics, and so on.

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