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  • Faculty/School:电子工程系
  • Description of Publication:This book mainly explains the motion of electrons in solids, and gives the analysis of lattice vibration. Using the theory of quantum mechanics, it describes the core concepts and theories of solid state physics such as atom bonding, crystal structure, band theory and lattice vibration. On this basis, the electrical, magnetic, thermal and optical properties of solids are derived. It tries to systematize and structure the knowledge of solid state physics through Schrodinger equation, and gives the knowledge structure of solid state physics and interrelation between each basic concept, which is helpful for readers to understand and grasp. This book is a textbook for "Fundamentals of Solid State Physics", the core course of Electronic Information Science and Technology for undergraduates of Tsinghua University. It is not only applicable to the course teaching of electronic information majors, but also can be used as a reference for researchers, engineers and technicians in related field
  • School Sign:Yidong Huang
  • Publication Design:Local publishing house
  • Classification of Disciplines:Engineering
  • First-Level Discipline:Electronic Science and Techonology
  • ISBN No.:978-7-302-61031-1
  • Translated or Not:no
  • Date of Publication:2022-11-20

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Yidong HUANG
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