Enrollment Information
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  • Admission Information:Detailed information please visit the webpage of http://nano-oelab.ee.tsinghua.edu.cn/
  • Department:Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Specialized Courses:Enrollment of doctoral students for Electronic Science and Technology
  • Admissions Professional Note:Enrollment quota: 5-7 doctoral students each year, Tutor email: Yidong Huang: yidonghuang@tsinghua.edu.cn, Wei Zhang: zwei@tsinghua.edu.cn, Xue Feng: x-feng@tsinghua.edu.cn, Fang Liu: liu_fang@tsinghua.edu.cn, Kaiyu Cui: kaiyucui@tsinghua.edu.cn
  • Doctoral-Research direction:Micro-nano optoelectronic devices and systems for intelligent sensing
  • Year of Admission:2023
  • Admission Type:Doctoral Candidate

Doctoral degree

Yidong HUANG
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